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A Truly OUTSTANDING study from Cadron Creek- Anne of Green Gables

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Where the Brook and River Meet

Cadron Creek’s Where the Brook and River Meet by Margie Gray is truly OUTSTANDING.   Gosh, I don’t even know where to begin!!

I guess Thank You for allowing us to enter this fabulous world would be an appropriate beginning!

This very thorough and thought-provoking study is designed to take High School students through the world of Anne of Green Gables, as well as the Victorian era. When I first opened this book, I was truly amazed at the detail and organization of the layout of this curriculum! Our family has enjoyed unit studies before, but never like this.  This study covers literature, history, writing, grammar, fine arts, social studies, Bible, religion, occupational education, and health. Margie has listed in her very detailed and organized lesson plans and subject outlines how each aspect fits into the student’s learning profile. 

  Margie offers several different options on her website for purchasing the required and recommeded components to this study. I would personally suggest that you go ahead and order   Anne’s Daily Pack so that you have the essential elements of the study and can get started right away. We received for our review Where the Brook and River Meet manual as well as Anne’s Anthology. After spending some time figuring out what I needed for review purposes, I searched for and finally purchased the edition of Anne of Green Gables recommended that cooresponds with the the page numbers referred to in the manual.  In continuing this study, however, I plan to purchase the Annotated Anne of Green Gables which is referred to as well. We didn’t have any trouble using the regular book, however.

Once we started with the study, I found it very necessary to have the Writer’s Inc book as well. While this study can certainly be adapted in any number of ways to include more or less of her activities and lessons, I began to see right off what a loss it would be not to use it all. This is such a very rich and well laid out manual, if you begin with only a few of the suggested materials, I almost guarantee you will end up with most if not all of the supplements before getting too far into it! 

  The description of this study really sums up what it’s all about:

"Through varied, thought-provoking activities that stimulate interest and inquiry, they will explore the events and thinking of the time. Combining elements of the classical education of Anne’s day—dictation, recitation, memorization, essay writing—with the interdisciplinary approach of today—use of primary documents, filed trips, hands-on projects—this study will challenge students to reflect on the historical issues of the Victorian day as well as the personal challenges of growing up."

 I do agree this study is best suited for High School age due to the intensive and deep character study, maturation required for completing the full requirements, and rich content of the subject material. My advanced Jr. High student, however, was truly challenged to a new level by this material.  I believe Anne of Green Gables is very appropriate and enjoyable reading material for this younger age, and after the flame has been sparked by this wonderful literature, your daughter will surely be on fire to move on into this rich study a bit later. I just really loved that this is not only a dive into history, but also an amazing character study.

Margie says this about her study:

“Before beginning Where the Brook and River Meet, I asked myself ‘What I want to teach my children?’ The answers came as I started writing—I want to prepare my daughters for singleness or married life; to teach them how to be godly wives and mothers; to help them learn marketable skills; and, above all, I want to nurture them in the knowledge of the Lord. That is what Marilla wanted for Anne and what she set about doing in Anne of Green Gables.’”

That truly sums up my own desires for my girls, and I can’t thank Margie enough for working so hard to put her desires into words in this fabulous curriculum.

Anne’s Anthology

I will mention next another amazing project by Margie Gray. She compiled for use with her study a wonderful book of many of the pieces, primarily poetry, that Lucy Montgomery mentioned in Anne of Green Gables. This amazing book is almost 700 pages of the pieces that Anne loved, and that Green Gables fans are also familiar with, but might have been "lost in obscurity and the allusions no longer understood."  Most of the poems are given in full text along with notes. We enjoyed, and will enjoy for some time to come, this remarkable book of poetry and such from the Victorian era. This would be a fabulous addition to any study of the Victorian era, or even a poetry/literature study.

Cadron Creek has many other materials available on their website, including a couple of their other Unit studies based on the very rich and favorite literature for younger students, Little House on the Prairie series, and The Chronicles of Narnia. Please check out what our other Crew members had to say , as this wonderful material is just way too good to miss out on! If you’ve never heard of these studies before, please go check them out.

If you have been considering using already, I would give you a two thumbs up…. You’ll be so glad you did!

“Don’t you just love poetry that gives you a crinkly feeling
up and down your back?”
—Anne, Anne of Green Gables, Chapter V

Enjoy your kids, time is fleeting…



One thought on “A Truly OUTSTANDING study from Cadron Creek- Anne of Green Gables

  1. for when my daughter is a little older. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think we'll use it in a few years.

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