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Praise Report…Meet With Me

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My first Sunday with the Praise Band at Cross Trails on keyboard and vocals went well. The lead, bass, and one other guitar player were out for various reasons, so turns out there was only one  (very talented) guitar player,the drummer(also very talented!) and myself for instrumentals. But of course the fabulous vocal trio was present (wow you should be so blessed to hear them!) and I must say the music sounded fabulous in my humble opinion. At least I could feel the spirit all the way from the top of my head to my tapping toes I could!! I didn’t hit too many wrong notes, though I did hold back a bit on vocals until I get a little more practiced up. What an absolute answer to prayer to be led to these talented and kindred spirits! Glory be to the Father for the gathering of these folks and annointing their ministry!

We sang one of my favorites, "Meet With Me" and it sounded really awesome. It’s such a neat blessing to feel God working through you. Even neater than that, though, is that God gives everyone spiritual gifts in which He can work through, if they will just find them and use them. It’s hard to describe sitting down with a pen in front of a keyboard, and "all of a sudden", there’s words and chords written down.  God has blessed me in the past with 8 awesome praise songs, and I have a burning desire that every person could walk with God in this way, using whatever talents He has blessed them with.

Wish I had a recording of the Praise Band singing, but the original artist will have to do.

After services we attended "playday" and the girls got to spend some time with their new friends and watch several ride their horses. Hopefully soon we will have a trailer and can join in on the ponies! How excited we are to be making some wonderful friends here! Praise God for answers to some prayers!!

Praise God for this looonnnggg awaited opportunity to join these awesome folks at Cross Trails!  Keep them in your prayers, especially with a community wide revival the end of this week!!

You can check ’em out here if ya want to!


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One thought on “Praise Report…Meet With Me

  1. This all sounds so awesome and great for u all to find to be a part of! Love u all!

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