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The building of Gunn Ranch Academy one caliche rock at a time; our friends, family, passions, learning adventures and our little piece of HIStory in the making!

Don’t forget your Knowledge Quest map!!!


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Since beginning our homeschool journey 5 years ago, I’ve invested thousands of hours in researching the many methods, curriculums, projects, standards, learning styles, educational philosophies, socialization opportunities, and many more of the in’s and out’s of educating my children at home. My map has many detours, dead ends, and rocky roads on the way to paving my interstate to Gunn Ranch Academy. My early timeline contains many periods of frustration and unrefined progress, mixed with eras of great discovery on the road to creating our little piece of history.

God planted the seeds of homeschooling before Morgan was even born, but we didn’t have the opportunity until she was in 2nd grade, and Taylor was a preschooler. When the time came to pull Morgan out of public school, we experienced the same scary, exciting, anxiety-ridden questions that all beginning homeschoolers do. It was obvious God brought us to this place, now what??

Well, Terri Johnson has stepped up and chartered a very complete, informative and encouraging step by step course to answer that very question: "Now what?"

Each week for 6 months, you can receive an email taking you step by step through the learning curve of homeschooling without much of the frustration, huge time investment and information overload that many of us experienced when we started.

As I began lesson A, then moved on through B,C,D,E…

I was really impressed at the timeline Terri uses to introduce each leg of the journey. Now I know Knowledge Quest is famous for superior geography, history and timeline products, but she invites you right onto the ship taking hold of the helm to guide you from the launching point to the discovery of your very own unchartered territory! She has provided a map for what many of us wondered through lost and afraid!! Now, you don’t have to feel like Columbus stepping off of that great big ship full of people who were counting on him to lead them to a better life. Yes, the savages and thorny brush is still there, but Terri can lead you right into  a peaceful coexistence as you create your own little piece of history.

It’s easy to read a map once someone else has written it down, and this map mirrors so much of what I explored all on my own. For all those folks in the past I’ve given lists of links, books, and  resources to help make their beginning journey easier, this map includes much of that together in one place, not to mention it’s a chronological timeline even!! Wow!  

Don’t start your journey without a map. You don’t have to drive around for hours wondering which way to turn next, or if you are going in circles. You don’t have to step off onto a brand new continent wondering what is lurking in the brush. Let Terri guide you!

For those more experienced explorers out there, this is a fabulous, refreshing way to pull all of your experiences together into one timeline, mapping out where you have been and re-evaluating where it is you might want to go next. Everyone needs some validation and encouragement along the way, and Terri will certainly put the enthusiasm back into your journey!

With hundreds of dollars in bonus materials you can use right away in your homeschool, and a 60 day money back guarantee, why would you not jump onboard and let Terri guide you on the journey of a lifetime? Get your ticket here!!

You can also get a  free copy of the mini-course 5 Ways to Know That You Are on the Right Track" here.

What are you waiting for? Go pack, load up the kids and LET’S GO!!



2 thoughts on “Don’t forget your Knowledge Quest map!!!

  1. Hi again, I have the correct (hopefully) code now up on the blog, you'll need to head back to to collect your award widget. thanks

  2. for this review! Very creative, and I think it turned out great!

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