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WriteShop: StoryBuilders

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   We have been using a really cool product for creative writing called WriteShop StoryBuilders. These are card decks which include the four elements of a story: character, character trait, setting and plot. There are several different ways one can use the deck of 192 cards, and many instructions and ideas come with the ebook download. 

   Included in the ebook is two copies of the printable cards,one with black ink for colored cardstock, or colored  print for white cardstock. There are 48 cards of each color corresponding with one of the four basic elements, and you may mix or match one of each category as you wish. I do love that each individual card has which "World" it came from in case the decks get mixed together. My girls preferred looking through each category and choosing funny or odd things that wouldn’t necessarily go together.

There are three versions of these great StoryBuilders, plus a mini-book of Christmas ones that I printed and we did on our Holiday vacation to Grandma and Grandpas. These were very nice to take on the plane, by the way!

The first one I downloaded and printed was this one:

World of People StoryBuilders (e-book)World of People

Taylor wrote about a detective who fell asleep in a museum and woke up in her favorite book. Morgan created a story about an irritating inventor in a swamp who got her head stuck. I printed my character cards on yellow cardstock, my character trait on blue, my plot on red and setting on white. They are really easy to keep in categories this way, and don’t tend to get all mixed up. Of course if you just want to shuffle the whole deck, turn them over and choose randomly, that is pretty fun too. We did turn each color over and shuffle and choose several combinations to see what would come up many times.

Our second StoryBuilder deck is this one:

World of Sports StoryBuilders (e-book)World of Sports

This one was really a favorite because we had gymnasts and horseback riders, rock climbers and snorkelers, and so many other creative possibilities I had never thought of to use.Taylor wrote her first story in this category about a graceful horseback rider in an airport who gets lost on her way to the game. (What did you expect, sounds like a Taylor story to me!!! )  Morgan chose a flexible gymnast on a dangerous mountain who competes in the Olympics (sounds like her cousin Lily ).

We also downloaded the World of Animals from the  Old Schoolhouse Store. (Remember shipping is always free if you get yours from the Old Schoolhouse Store!) I haven’t had a chance to get these printed, but they look really fun!

The three regular StoryBuilders ebooks are $7.95 , and the best part is you can download and print them right away! The Christmas mini ebook is $3.95.

These are a really great way to stimulate some great stories and can be used any number of ways including daily or weekly writing practice. They are also just plain fun to add a lot of laughs and love in your homes .

Go create some stories with your kids!!



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