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All About Homophones

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All About Homophones


Y’all know how much we LOVE All About Spelling.

Well, we got yet another great product to review by Marie Rippel! My first thought on this product was how very artistic and professional it is. Not just your average black and white type printed pages, this little book is so cool. Just go to the website and you can even look through some of it to get a feel for how cool it is.

This book includes pages of homophones for grades 1-8, graphic organizers, riddles, tongue twisters, jokes, crossword puzzles, activity cards, and much more. It has a great "Mega-list" in the appendix as well with more homophones than you ever knew existed.

We had a lot of fun going through this book!

You can order the soft cover book for $29.95, an ebook version like the Crew received for $27.95, or even order by the case for co-ops or classrooms.

If you hurry, you can get $10.00 off any order from the website by using the coupon code "FUN" in the customer code box at checkout! (Good through February 2,2009)


Last but not least, you gotta check out the Homophone Machine! It’s loads of fun! Go Play!

Go spell with your kids!





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  1. I've given you an Award~come see!

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