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KinderBach- an OUTSTANDING music program!

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We LOVE KinderBach!

   KinderBach is another one of those programs developed out of necessity by a passionate mom with a desire to nurture her children and pave a pathway of endless possibilities for a lifetime of successful learning. Sometimes when two pieces of a puzzle don’t fit together, we as parents have to create that missing link. Karri Gregor with her extensive background in music, realized when her children were 4 and 7 years old that there was nobody out there to teach lessons to this age group at a time in their lives that a strong music foundation would be of great value. So she put her talents and experience to work to create that missing link and KinderBach was born!   Read her story!

   Now I must say I can relate to Karri in many ways, as one of my primary passions is music. When my girls were younger I felt the same void and began creating ways to inspire and teach music. Through singing and listening, color coded stickers on my keyboard, and classical pieces that they picked from cds for me to transpose into color-coded handwritten music pages, they learned to love and compose their own music. Last year when we were blessed with the opportunity to be a part of a homeschool choir and band/orchestra, they were really able to expand their musical talents through voice and violin training.

   When our Crew was introduced to KinderBach, I was thrilled for the chance to introduce this to my 2 year old, who has been matching pitches since he was just one year old. I knew my girls would jump at the chance to help teach and inspire our young Maestro. We found the "Blues Clues" like format a delight to listen to and interact with. I absolutely LOVED that this program is particularly appealing to boys, with Dodi the Donkey who lives between the two black keys, Frisco, Engine #9 and the train station, and many other fun friends. My daughters agreed that girls would love the program as well, but boys are sometimes harder to appeal to, and this program has the perfect balance. The lessons are grouped into four short lessons per week, with just the right amount of material to hold the attention of 2-7 year olds. We sometimes did several lessons in one sitting, depending on the interest level and attention span of the day. The best part about the online lessons is the ability to go back through lessons as many times as desired, which anyone who has played the same movie over 10 times in a row certainly knows is a characteristic of this age group. 

   As Levi played his keyboard and sang along with the songs, I saw his confidence soar as he learned much more than just music! He learned things such as right from left hands, reviewed numbers, counting, colors, letters, and much more. In the three months that we had access to the KinderBach online lessons, we completed weeks 1-12 which included print-off color, activity and song sheets for many of the lessons. In anticipation of subscribing to the rest of the lessons once we get moved, I reviewed weeks 13-30 myself and found them equally as delightful . Once we subscribe, we will gain access to weeks 31-60, and I am ever-so anxious to see where they lead us!

   Karri is working on three different subscription levels, bronze, silver, and gold. Currently the bronze level is available:

 Get it here!

which includes access to over 300 sessions of web lessions weeks 1-60, and accompanying PDFs for $7.16 a month-billed in a 1-time annual payment of $85.95, or $14.95 monthly subscription- billed monthly.You will also need to purchase a keyboard to effectively use the program. Levi is thrilled to have his very own keyboard which I purchased for $9.99.  I will mention here that I had planned on continuing this program during the couple of weeks we were visiting my parents over the holidays, but was sadly disappointed that we could not access it through their dialup connection to show off for Grandma and Grandpa. I was so proud, however, when Levi sang and played on Grandma’s piano many of the songs he had learned!!

For those with dialup or slow speed internet connection, KinderBach can be also be purchased on Dvd. 

Check it out!

KinderBach at Home includes value package, activity package and songbook options in varying combinations of materials and prices for DVD lessons in your own home at your own pace. This would certainly be my choice if I could afford it!!



Check it out!

A classroom option for use with 5 or more students is also available complete with teacher plans.


THANK YOU SO MUCH Karri for using your gifts and talents to cement another brick into the foundation of our children’s futures!

Go make some music with your kids!



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