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Trigger Memory systems: Another FABULOUS Product!!

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Creative Education - Mnemonics & more!Multiplication Facts made easy!!

Trigger Memory Systems is a program put together by three homeschooling moms.  Now I can relate to Jennie sitting with her two boys struggling to remember those facts, thinking, "What can I do to help them remember better?" That’s when she decided to take it one step furthur, and actually overcome this problem, making a daunting task not only possible, but fun!  She was so impressed that even months later those facts were still cemented in place that she decided to partner with her sister and friend to develop this program to share with others. They even tested it out on their six and seven year old daughters who had never been exposed to the concepts yet, and in less than an hour they were having fun stating those facts that hundreds of children before them struggled with for years to remember!! THANK YOU ladies!!!

    My story reads about the same as that very first revelation. I have an 11 year old that has memorized and re-memorized those facts for years. She can work the problems that require multiplication and division, but it takes her some time to get warmed up and kick her memory into gear. When we were first trying to conquer those facts, I did happen upon a multiplication memorization program similar to this, and it helped a little, but was NOT real effective. That caused me to be a bit reluctant to believe this would really work well, but I have an 8 year old who is just ready for multiplication (and I’ll admit I was dreading starting ), so we dove in head first. We used the program just as suggested, and in less than an hour they both had those facts cemented into their brains! Amazing!! And best of all, Daddy was impressed!!  

When I told Taylor the next step was division, she looked at me cross eyed and said "NO WAY!" But after her success with multiplication, she was all but willing to give it a try. It’s no big surprise that she had it in a snap of her fingers, and even laughed at the thought that it was such a deep dark mystery.

The girls enjoyed the neat flip chart of stories, but also really enjoyed the crossword puzzles, the flash cards, and playing with the "dice" that can be cut and assembled to roll.

I will make a statement in fact, that I reserve for the best of the best:  NO ONE should be without this program to learn the times tables!! It’s nothing less than CRAZY to sit at the table for hours struggling to remember (then promptly forget) when this tool is at your fingertips to give your child a lifetime of success!  This program is for EVERYONE. Period.

So not only was our Crew blessed with the Times Tales, but we also got to test drive three other Trigger Memory products.



The first of these, Zone Cleaning for Kids,  is a cool laminated flip chart that comes with a dry erase marker. It makes cleaning the house fun by dividing the three main rooms up into "zones" and includes blank lines to customize times and specific jobs to your own family. It’s so cute and colorful I just gotta show you:






The second is the Bedroom Cleaning clean and flip chart which gives easy instructions one page at a time to break down the process into simple steps. This is what the pages look like :

The third of these neat spiral-bound, confidence-building flip charts is a "how to" on doing Laundry!! This most certainly helps boost organizational skills and might also help Mom with that "I don’t have any clean jeans" problem! The fun and simple pictures certainly make this little gem   easy to use and understand!

These Clean-n-Flip charts can be purchased seperately, or as a combo pack for $29.95.

You can  purchase Times Tales for $29.95, along with several other products offered on their website store.

Of course you can also get these great products at the Old Schoolhouse store where shipping is always FREE!!

Enjoy your kids!





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