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Let’s Make a Webpage!

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I was super-excited to hear that the Crew would have the opportunity to review a computer-science product. Morgan has been on the cutting edge of trying to figure the whole computer picture out for several months now. I wish I could say I’d been more help to her, but my self-taught computer skills have come with many hours of sitting pulling my hair out because my formal educational years were in the Pre-Computer era.   While I have to give myself credit for the skills that I have learned, it’s no where near proficient enough for today’s world. I have recently spent much time praying and searching for some type of learning material to help my children advance in their computer understanding and skills. I had seen Motherboard Books website in my search, but the problem is that I’m not really sure what I’m looking for. When I saw them on the Crew list of vendors I was absolutely thrilled!!

Now unfortunately, our family was not chosen to do a full program review, but we were blessed with the opportunity to review an ebook called "Let’s Make a Webpage." As I expected, Morgan couldn’t wait to jump into this project.  After she stopped jumping and screaming from her excitment over this, she sat down immediately and went to work.  She was amazed with the ease of use of the ebook, and before I knew it (with my approval) she had downloaded a free trial drag-and-drop program and was busy creating her webpage. The first webpage she created was an interview with someone (she chose her sister) as suggested by Phyllis Wheeler, the "Computer Lady" and creator of Motherboard Books. Then she went on to create an awesome Masterpiece of a webpage called "My Animal Interviews," where she created "interviews" with her Gunn Ranch Academy barnyard buddies. Now I am often in awe of my children’s imagination and creativity, but this is just too cool that she created this all on her own.

My Animal Interviews

Now let me just interject here that I am sitting on the edge of my seat pulling my hair out and my brain is screaming right now from trying and trying to figure out how to get the prior link to work. This is a prime example of my severe frustration in the computer world. I typed up this blog entry, then spent like the whole morning trying to figure out how to post Morgan’s webpage here. I had found and registered on a free webhost website, but everytime I tried to load a file it kicked me back to "you need to login," which I did about a million times before giving up. I asked Morgan if the ebook mentioned any webhosting websites, and she said it did, but they all charge a fee. So after a few hours of sitting at the computer with the kids screaming and running and waiting and waiting for us to get started with today’s lessons, I finally succeeded in getting her webpage on the free webpage site and posting the link here. Well, sort of.  The trouble is, some of the really neat backgrounds and graphics that Morgan has on the original webpage saved on my documents aren’t showing up. But, at least I semi-succeeded.

This grand jesture of frustration on my part leads me to  say that I am anxious and curious to read my Crewmates Reviews of the full program curriculum that is available from Motherboard Books, as it sure looks like a perfect fit for my computer-savy daughter, as well as my family. The hardest thing about homeschooling is being on a budget and praying for guidance in how to wisely use our limited funds.

You can purchase Let’s Make a Webpage for $19.99 here, or see a list of the other products , which have a 30 day money back guarantee!

Of course, as always, you can purchase these at The Old Schoolhouse Store with free shipping!

Enjoy your kids,



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