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The Little Man In The Map

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The Little Man In the Map - With Clues To Remember All 50 States


   At Schoolside Press imagination is the magic key!



  One thing I’ve really enjoyed about my TOS Crew experience has been peeking into the lives of some very talented and motivated individuals who are dedicated to enriching the learning experience for our children.   Poet at heart, E. Andrew Martonyi (who took his lecture notes in rhyme and verse!) couples his love for geography and his gift for poetic composition to capture the interest of students, teachers, parents and families everywhere. He feels that remembering the US States is a basic necessity if children are to become interested in geography and the history of this vast country of ours.

    In his book "The Little Man In the Map", Martonyi brings to life "MinIow MisArkLou" or MIM for short, who has been standing smack-dab in the middle of our United States for over 150 years!  

     In the form of rhyme and verse, he creates images from all 50 States, putting together visual clues and effective mnemonic devices to make learning fun and easy. With the help of Ed Olson, illustrator, our imaginations, and the "magical MIM," the characters seem to come alive and hop right out of the pages of the book!

    You can purchase the book from his website for $19.95, or in combination with a cool 38 x 22 inch full color wall map for $35.00, and for a limited time he is offering free holiday shipping. You can even request a personal inscription on the book!

Of course you can also purchase the book, map or combination at The Old Schoolhouse Store, where shipping is always free! TOS Store

The Crew was also sent a really great "Teacher’s Guide" and crossword puzzle for use with the book. I believe the plans are in the works to market this great tool. In it, you will find activities for grades K-6 to include discussion questions, writing activities, songs, games, composing an "advertisement", critical thinking and listening skills, and even math problems ! My girls really enjoyed these activities, as well as working the crossword puzzle. I printed off the coloring sheets for my two year old, and my girls wanted to do those too!

     In closing, I would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to Mr. Martonyi for sharing his gift of poetry and creativity with us so that we may help our children learn and grow to be the best that they can be.

Go take a trip across the USA with your kids!



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