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I’ve been wanting to figure out how to add music to my blog for quite some time. Funny thing, today I visited a fellow Crew member’s blog and she had this great "Playlist" and I was able to figure it out!! Thanks Julieanne!!

So when I was searching through several of my favorite songs, most of them contemporary Christian in nature, for some reason I thought about the very first song I ever purchased and really loved as a child. Wildfire. Then I started thinking…

You see, I was a horse crazy kid. But wasn’t ever able to own my own horse. So I hung out with horse owners, read about horses, prayed for a horse, sung about horses,  dreamed about horses, prayed some more for a horse, and even had my own stable of imaginary horses. I even labored my way through veterinary school on the thought that maybe this way I could one day be a horse owner. When my first daughter was born, I still wasn’t a horse owner, and I named her Morgan as my first little "Morgan horse". *grin* (Love ya Morgan-Horse ~wink~). Taylor, my second little filly, I tell is my "Taylor-made-horse". (You’re one of a kind Tayty-girl ~wink~). I wanted to call my son "Colt" as my first colt, but he’s just my Levi, and indeed is my first precious little colt.

Now we are all pretty horse crazy around our house, and when we got our first horse "Blazen Grace" we were just all smitten. There’s just nothing like looking into those deep eyes and getting a little flutter in your soul to watch that majestic huge creature run full speed through your pasture, and stop on a dime right in front of you, giving you a soft nicker and a nuzzle from her cashmere-soft muzzle.

But I digress from my original thought here. When I heard "Wildfire" I just began to wonder what the original meaning was of this song. It sure could take on many meanings as getting on that horse and running to freedom, even through Christ, in hard times as well as identifying with the power and strength of this majestic creature of God. So for anyone who has ever really loved a horse, I know you can identify with me here.

Well, I found a really cool story behind the song, by Michael Martin Murphey on a website called I just thought this was too cool not to share! Michael Martin Murphey shares this:

    "I can’t tell you that I understand what the song means, but I think it’s about getting above the hard times. I’ve had people tell me they wish they could ride that mystical horse and get away from their hard times, whatever they are. I also think a lot of it is wrapped up in my Christian upbringing. In the Biblical book of Revelations, it talks about Jesus coming back on a white horse. I came to be a Christian when I was five or six years old and I was a cowboy kid with Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, so when the preacher told me that Jesus would come back for me on a white horse, I was all wrapped up in that.
In the ghost story (an Indian Lore story told by his Grandfather), the horse is a symbol of the Savior, in the same way C.S. Lewis used animals in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia.’ When I lived in California in the late 60s, a lot of my friends were into the culture of the day,  and I felt out of place there. After ‘Wildfire’ came out and was a hit for me, I was able to move back to Texas. So not only was a song I dreamed my most famous song, it also helped me get back to my native state.
People always ask me if I have a horse named Wildfire, and up until a few years I did not. I always said I’d never name a horse after the song. But when I got my Palomino mare, she was exactly what I always dreamed Wildfire to be, so gave her the name to my most famous song."

Pretty cool, huh???

Hang in there and wait. God hears you!





One thought on “Wildfire

  1. I've always loved the song Wildfire and many times it's nearly brought me to tears. Thanks for posting on it's origin, it was interesting. I'm so glad you finally got your horse, we have a four year old quarter-horse named Bella and she has a lot of spunk :-).
    Blessings, Julie

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