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As a member of the TOS Crew, I was asked to review a website called Puppetools. This website is dedicated to "advancing the science of play in education." I spent quite a lot of time at the website browsing through the vast amount of information contained in forums, video clips, pdf files, etc. The creator of Puppetools is very dedicated to providing a way to break free from "conventional" learning. On the website there is a toolbox where one can find teacher and student puppets, puppet patterns, and ideas and concepts for using puppets to add interest to your classroom.

Now I have been a firm believer for years that a child’s job is to play. PLAY PLAY PLAY. I see my girls playing out subject lessons, character traits, disclipline, praise situations, relationships, and on and on and on. This is where real learning takes place during play as reinforcement, while their imaginations are being filled with useful, valid and confidence building structure. This is why I am soooooo thankful and blessed to homeschool my children. It gives them a prime opportunity to put their information in action, playing it out, and therefore making them as successful as one could hope for in their jobs!!

Our family is very familiar with the use of puppets, as Morgan asked for a puppet theather for Christmas when she was younger. She and Taylor have made hundreds of puppets of all types to use with their imaginations throughout the years. I definitely see the benefit in adding this tool to your learning toolbox.

You can get a $20.00 trial subscription for 60 days, or pay $99.00 for a group subscription. Check it out here!!

Go play with your kids!




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