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The Ponies

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       We happened upon a WONDERFUL place a few months back called the Welcome Home Barnyard Sanctuary, which is a rescue for large animals. Of course the girls and I have spent quite a bit of time out there, one of the reasons being that they have a couple of ponies they asked us to adopt under the conditions that their trainer could get them ridable for the kids. My initial reaction was "I don’t do ponies," but after agreeing to take a look at them, we instantly fell in love with them. I had a preconceived idea of mean, biting Shetlands, but soon realized that these were not the same. They are Welsh crosses and just sweet and docile as you could ask for.

SO we were thrilled when we were told the ponies were ready for the girls to try them out, and we have been riding them for a few weeks now. They are ready to come home with us as soon as we can build a couple of stables to contain them. If we turn them loose in the big pasture, we will probably end up with the same problems we are running into with our filly, who is progressing very SLOWLY due to improper facilities for groundwork.

The little gelding boy is even cart trained!! Morgan is particularly excited to build a cart and is pretty sure she will be taking trips to the grocery store by cart to save on gas. LOL.

   We’re excited about what God has done and we are praising Him for the wonderful things and opportunities He has provided our family to grow and rejoice in His creation! 



One thought on “The Ponies

  1. Aww…my sweet horse-loving friends! The pics are awesome and the ponies look wonderful. I'm so happy for all God is doing for u all in Texas and pray constantly for him to keep on pouring blessings on u all for the wonderful servants that u all are! I miss u all so much. The cart to the store sounds fun! lol. And most definitely a Morgan-Gunn My fun free-spirited friend! Oh and it's just not fair seeing how u all r still dressing in Tx when we r up here freezing in Tn..LOL.. send us some Love u all!

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