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Rime To Read

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   I’d like to introduce another wonderful product that I had the pleasure to review. Rime to Read is a color-coded, beginning reading program based on rimes, which are also known as word famlies.

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Why Rime Not Rhyme?

No, this isn’t a spelling mistake. Rime is a word!

Rimes sound and look alike.

   Rhymes (e.g. care, hair, where) sound alike but do not always look alike.


  This program can be read on your computer, or you can print the books out to be read. Currently there are 20 books available, and you can purchase the whole set for $49.95 or 4 at a time for $9.99. Oh, and you can get the first book to try out for free!! Try it out!!

  When Morgan taught herself to read (waaaaay too early for my lack of experience!), I frantically searched for easy-readers like these. I didn’t know at the time exactly what I was searching for, but I did finally happen upon a set of books that were "rimes" like these that seemed to be just what she needed. When Taylor started reading very early as well, I remember her HUGE sense of accomplishment in being able to read those early books that propelled her forward into a lifetime of learning.

   With two-year-old Levi still learning his letters and letter sounds, these books are not currently being used as reading tools, but I must comment that he thoroughly enjoyed going through the first few books, turning the pages, and using the cool "sound feature" which reads the word to you when you click on it. He did walk around saying "Pat and a cat sat," among other rimes he gleaned from the first couple of books.

   A very valid point to make here is that he lost interest after the first couple of books, which shows a definite progression in the series. I love the fact that he was drawn to these first books with more waiting on him when he is ready!

  I could certainly insert a whole novel on my philosophy of reading here. But I guess it will suffice to say that good reading skills pave the way for EVERYTHING else that we do in life. I believe it is the very root from which all learning grows both physically/mechanically (just being able to decode and understand our spoken language), and mentally/emotionally (growing as an individual through reading the message and instructions He left us personally).

   In my experience, there are not many things that compare in magnitude to the boost of self confidence and accomplishment that a child receives from learning to read. THANK YOU to co-authors Sara Hines, PhD. and Lynn Klaiman, M.Ed. as well as illustrator Shari Hookman Berger, B.F.A. for caring enough about our kids to water them at the roots so they can grow into big magnificent trees!! 


Train them up!!



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