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Media Angels Truth Seekers Review

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                                  Media Angels

When I opened up my TOS Crew package and found this book:

                                      1. The Missing Link: Found

I thought…."oooooooooo, what is this and why have I never seen it before?"  What a fabulous looking book!!  So off I went without showing my mystery-adventure loving  voracious reading tween.

   Here goes!! Hold on for the ride!! As I started reading the book, we dove directly into a fast-paced, action-packed adventure. Right away I was thrilled to find the book centered around a creation science theme, like the Jonathan Park series we absolutely love. While the  characters and plot are fictional, there are many scientific facts that are true, and the places do exist. Very cool!!

   After reading a few chapters and feeling like I was going to have to remind myself this was "youth" fiction, my daughter happened upon me. I relinquished the book over to her, which she devoured in one day, not able to put it aside until the wee hours of the morning when she had reached the very last page!   So I picked the book back up and found that the further I read, the more I was hooked.

  All in all, I give this book a thumbs up. I had trouble at first due to a few grammatical errors, some over-use of adjectives and certain phrases, and the quick start not really letting me get to know and like the characters before they were in a whole heap of trouble.

      Now my tween for whom this book was targeted, on the other hand, would tend to disagree with me on most of this. We didn’t compare notes at all until we were both finished, and this let me see that my end-of-the-book thumbs up   is a double thumbs up  from her. One of the first things she mentioned was, "I sure wish there were more of these." My response? "You’re in luck, that’s why it’s called the ‘Truth Seekers Mystery Series !’"

You can find the set here:Truth Seekers Series , and even cooler than that is that they have study guides to go with them! The real cherry on top, however, is that Christina Gerwitz is currently working on a fourth in the set!

     This brings me to the Gerwitz family, and Media Angels. What a blessing this family is to the homeschool community. Felice and Jeffrey, who have been homeschooling since 1986, have two graduates and three still at home. Their daughter Christina graduated in 2004 with honors from FGCU as a Communications Major with a minor in Anthropology, and has a beautiful family that you can read all about on  Felice’s Blog .

Their Media Angels website has a lot of really cool creation science products, among other things.

   I must say a personal thank you to Felice for using her talents to speak to our children, and not being afraid to live the example she was teaching to her children. She shares this story about her experience as a homeschool mom and co-author:

            Christina was only 12 years old when she began writing this series as a home-schooled student. She wrote just for fun! When I finally began taking her seriously and helping her transition her sentences the story line began to take shape! She asked me (her mom) to write them with her, and…

I said, "I don’t know how to write fiction."

She said, "We’re homeschoolers Mom, we’ll research how, we can do it!"

The rest is history. This series has been featured as book of the month by Creation Moments and others. It has been required reading for Christian school kids, and Christina’s younger brothers and sisters love them! 

   On a personal note, she says this about her mission:

  –"These books are meant to help your children to stand up for their faith, by supplying them with Christian role models that are also homeschool children. I hope your children can identify with these characters, or at the very least wish they were friends!  




As a homeschool parent I know how difficult it is to find good books to read with good characters and morals.  This book was co-authored by my then homeschooled daughter Christina. She enjoyed writing these books even though she didn’t particularly enjoy reading at the time.

These books were geared for children who don’t enjoy reading. (And of course those who do enjoy reading will like them as well!) I pray this little story brings a smile to your homeschooled children and enjoyment that comes from reading fiction with a focus on glorifying God!!"

   Last but not least I must mention that I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Felice through personal emails. I feel truly blessed to have found such a wonderful resource and my own mission is to pass Media Angel’s vision to every homeschool family out there!

Go enjoy your children!



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