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One2Believe Tales of Glory Nativity

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Tales of Glory Nativity SetTales of Glory Nativity by one2believe

When my daughter was a little, I wondered to myself why there were no Christian based "action figures". Even in Christian   bookstores all I ever found was Bob and Larry, and various stuffed animals, and maybe a puppet or two. So when I first learned of one2believe a couple of years back I was thrilled. Then I saw it covered by many news media sources and was happy that they were being recognized, and I felt a sense of answer to prayer when I picked one up from the shelf in a major superstore last year.  So when we were asked to review this nativity, I felt honored to be a part of something that had started for me as a prayer request.

The company has a lot of really great Christian based toys, dolls, action figures, and playsets. The first time I saw the figures and playsets in the store I couldn’t even decide what to look at first. I had my eye on the nativity, but  I hadn’t purchased it because we already had a different playset nativity (that they play with year around), but it’s been in storage for a year now, with our current housing situation, so this was a neat treat for the kids!!

They were very excited when we opened it, and the older two immediately started  assigning characters to play out. Levi was determined he was going to be the palm tree and the bale of hay, and the baby Jesus. He had his eye on that palm tree from the git-go, LOL. There were a few various other characters added to the mix, chickens, cows, horses, and a couple of tractors.

The figures are really cute, and sturdy to play with and stand up easily, thus creating less frustration for little fingers. The 17 piece set comes with Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus in manger, King #1, King #2, King #3, Angel #1, Angel #2, Shepherd #1, Shepherd #2, male camel, male donkey, male sheep, female sheep, stable, tree, and a barrel of hay. This set retails for $24.99 and even includes a little story book. These can be purchased online from one2believe , Amazon, or you might catch them in Target or one of the other superstores out there.

In closing my review, I’d like to express my thankfulness to this awesome company. It’s so hard to find a company really dedicated to kids these days. I mean really truly concerned about tomorrow’s leaders and where this country is leading them. I was inspired when I read the "about us" page on the one2believe website, and the awesome folks who are involved in this company.

But this really caught my attention:


"one2believe has a great desire to support parents in their battle for their children’s hearts and minds. We pray that parents will take the lead by engaging their children in faith and get them excited about Jesus. In Phillipians it speaks about pressing on, at one2believe we believe that we will either influence the world or the world will influence us." (as quoted from their website).

May God bless your awesome vision, one2believe, and thank you for letting me be a little part of your bigger vision, one family at a time.



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