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Awesome Homeschool websites by the Erskines

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I happened across an awesome homeschool website a couple of years ago (I sure wish I could give credit to the source of the link) that I have really come to love. It’s one of those cool families that I feel like I’ve gotten to know just from following the pictures and comments on their website and newsletters! I shared great pictures of a family wedding and heard all about Mr. Erskine staying home to care for the farm while the family went on vacation! 

They have three great websites with lots of freebies, some great packages they put together for order, and a premium site that is really worth the membership!!

The first one I found is their Homeschool Radio Shows "Living Books for the Ears."

They have free programs for download, a mailing list you can join, and lots of special deals they put together that are just awesome. At first I wasn’t sure my girls would really like the "old timey" sound, but they just love it. It’s really GREAT for developing listening skills.

They have a great Premium site that has a ton of other programs for download and include "listening guides" for some of the programs that are pretty cool. I had been debating on joining the premium site because I don’t always have time to incorporate these programs into our studies, but once I decided to join I have been so glad I did.

They also have a neat video site:

And as if that’s not enough, they launched a fantastic freebie of the day site… and have had some AWESOME resources on

BIG THANKS to the Erskines, I look forward to sharing my latte with you every morning!!


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