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Kids and Critters Contest

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Update: Thanks to those who entered, I have given this away!


1 Yr Digital Subscription - TOS Magazine - Click Image to Close

Ok, this is my first contest on here, and I’m really excited!! Since I’m a veterinarian, of course I’m animal crazy, and I seemed to have passed this along to my kids. My husband is a Biologist, medic,and grew up on a farm, so of course the kids hadn’t a chance either way!!

(This is our "Opportunistic" unit study on Horny Toads:)


 Aside from our 2 dogs, polydactyl feline who rules the house, few other resident cats, 2 geese, 3 ducks, 7 chickens, guinea fowl, horse, and the orphaned birds we are currently hand raising, we are constantly appreciating and partaking in God’s awesome critter-creations. It’s just so AMAZING and thrilling to see these guys intensely focused on and truly appreciating everything God gave breath to from a little cricket to the wild and free deer, to the pets He has given us responsibility for.

I often see listed in "for sale" adds:  "PET FREE HOME" and I think "Oh my, what an absolute tragedy."  You see, I am severely allergic to cats, somewhat allergic to horses, some dogs, and mildly to other animals. But early on I realized that God bestowed upon me a gift of "caretaker of His critters". So I just figured He’d also make it possible for me to accomplish the task. I’ve been through allergy shots as well as many other things too numerous to mention that have helped me cope. As a matter of fact, right now my family is all sharing one bedroom while we are trying to build a home, and our family cat is having to stay in there too. Talk about a challenge? Yep, but nothing is impossible if God is in it. So I know a pet free home can be for many reasons, and yes, I do realize everyone isn’t wired the same. But I sure do think those humans who don’t stop and enjoy, appreciate, and marvel at God’s creatures are missing out! 

Which brings me back to my contest…. for those homeschoolers who haven’t read The Old Schoolhouse magazine, well you are MISSING OUT!!! And for those of you who have, but not subscribed for some reason, well here’s your chance!! 

When I first started homeschooling in 2003, I spent hours researching, digging, and digesting any information I could find on homeschooling. From websites to chat groups to newsletters, catalogues to ebooks, I sat with my latte until my eyes were blurry. I remember the day I ran across an incredible offer to subscribe to TOS for three years, and almost fell out of my chair when I read through the list of "free gifts".  I immediately instant-messaged my sister-in-law who is the CEO of a  seasoned and very successful homeschool. "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS????" I yelled with excitment. She replied, "Oh I LOVE TOS, but have never subscribed, I just usually pick it up at the bookstore, but that’s just too good to be true. Let’s do it!!"

So our TOS journey began, and we couldn’t WAIT for our first issues. We began to ask almost daily, "have you received yours yet?" Then it happened. We both received our beloved magazines and began right away discussing them, and how awesome it was to curl up in bed or on the couch with our treasures.

So my "problem" became that of not wanting to discard the old issues. Now as military transplants, this really became an issue. So when the digital magazine came out, I grieved a bit over the loss of curling up on the couch with it, but soon realized my laptop wasn’t so bad to snuggle with!

Now you too can enjoy this digital edition for a year!  What I would really like most to see is how my fellow homeschool families enjoy their non-human family members, incorporate them into their homeschools, and any "opportunistic" unit studies you have done concerning God’s awesome creatures. Pictures would be most appreciated, so if you have an entry on your blog already about this, just direct me to what you would like me to consider.

I am certain you will be thrilled with the digital edition of TOS. There are so many wonderful articles written by and for fellow homeschoolers, and many in the past have been on animals, pets, and nature. There are also so many great vendors advertised for new and exciting ideas to incorporate into your studies and family life, again, many having to do with science and nature studies. I have to admit I enjoy devouring the advertisements almost as much as the articles, LOL.

OOOOOO what fun!! Kids and Critters, that’s what life is all about!!!!!! 


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