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Tayt’s Eight


Tayt’s Eight!!!!!!!!

Monday the 14th was Taylor’s eighth birthday. I won’t even bother to say "how did that happen?" LOL.

It’s been so hard living with relatives, all of us in one little room, most of our things in storage, not much room for playing or studying or much of anything for fear it will be "in the way." Not to mention that there is absolutely nothing in this town and it’s a good hour drive to get to any kind of shopping or life out there.

So I was more determined than ever to make this birthday a special one,  to let Taylor know just what a blessing she is to me and our family. More than anything she wanted to go to Build-a-Bear. The closest one to this hole in the ground is 100 miles south, so she certainly didn’t think it would happen. I told her we could go to the mall for her brithday, but she thought we were going to the Corpus mall which is about an hour from here. I told her she could spend her birthday money at Bath and Body,  and some other favorite places.

So on the morning of her birthday we got up and set out to "the mall". After the time it usually takes to get to Corpus mall she says," wow this trip seems long." I assured her it was just because she was excited, but wondered how the rest of the trip would go since we were but halfway!

Well, we made it to the Mcallen mall, and parked at Macy’s since they have one at the Corpus mall. When we got out she says, "hmmm, looks like they redecorated a bit." Morgan and I just smiled. Once we got in, I had no idea where anything was, and this was a HUGE mall. But after walking through Macy’s the first place we came to was Bath and Body, so we went in. Once we were done there, we set out to find Build-a-Bear, and she says," wow they got some new shops Mom!"

Oh the innocence and trust of a child!!

Well it wasn’t too long until we turned a corner and Morgan nudged me that the shop we were looking for was ahead to the right. So I said, "Well, Taylor, you said this seemed like a really long trip? Well, look over there (pointing to the Build-a-Bear Workshop), that’s why!!"

She almost fell over with excitement, but still thought that Corpus had just added a Build-a-Bear, making it even MORE exciting once I told her we had driven twice as far to get here. Believe me when I say she truly appreciated the special day knowing how much we’ve conserved trying to save with gas prices so ridiculous.

We had a wonderful day in the great mall we found, then drove home and stopped by to get her a cheesecake that she had requested to be her birthday cake.

Everyone say "CHEESECAKE" !

She wanted the limited edition "USA Spirit Teddy," so I called and had them put a couple in the back for the girls.

Here is Taylor and "Libearty":


This was Levi’s first Build-a-Bear. He named it Ted D Bear (of course to him it’s Teddybear). MOrgan named hers Annie after one of her friends on the Build-a-Bear website.

Oh, and by the way- Levi’s hairdo is fondly known as "Roosterboy" when we gel it up after getting out of the shower, LOL.

Happy Eighth Birthday my Precious Girl!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Tayt’s Eight

  1. Aww! Such a sweet surprise for such a very sweet girl! Happy late Birthday Tay.. I did think of u on ur special day and said a prayer for you. I hope u have a wonderful time being 8 now! I love the pics of everyone and I miss u all and send my love to all of u in Texas!! I'm praying for u all as I know times r not exactly the way u would have them to be right now.. but just remember great things and blessings come to those who wait! Love u guys!!!

  2. What a great surprise for Taylor! Yes, I LOVE the innocence of a child and then it's so fun to have an older child "in on it" with you as well. FUN FUN FUN Looks like they all had a great time. The girls are so big and Morgan's hair is sooo long now! Levi is really growing too.

    We miss y'all!!!!!!

    Way to go on a great surprise birthday!!!

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