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Violin and Choir concert

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The 8th Annual Regional Homeschool Choir, Band and Orchestra concert was last Thursday night.

The girls were very excited, as this was their very first concert. They both did so great and the instructor, Mr. Peter Cheaney, has had nothing but good to say about both their violin skills as well as vocal skills.

The beginning violins consisted of Morgan, Taylor and another student. They played "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb". Morgan led the group. I didn’t get a photo since I recorded it, but did get a couple of great shots: one of Morgan rosining her bow while Taylor bonded with her instrument before the concert:

This is the girls with their instructor Miss Jenna.

Her family homeschools and actually was "instrumental" in talking Mr. Peter into starting the group 8 years ago.  Ms. Jenna started violin under Mr. Peter 8 years ago, and this is the first year she has instructed. The girls absolutely loved her.

Her sisters and mother and her did an "advanced  orchestra" piece which they had worked on all year under the direction of Mr. Peter, and it was just phenominal.

And last but not least, the fabulous Mr. Peter Cheaney. He has a masters in music education and was a member of the Air Force band and choir. He plays all instruments, but his main one is the trombone. His voice is unbelievable, and he is the best choir director I have ever seen- and I have taken voice lessons and been a member of numerous choirs myself.

The neat thing about this group is that it is open to homeschool families, kids as well as adults. I would have loved to be a part myself, but had my 2 year old to chase after, so wasn’t a possibility this year.

As the Advanced Orchestra played, Mr. Peter sat down on the front row and shared his master sheet with Taylor as he followed along. I couldn’t miss the opportunity for this wonderful photo!!

Morgan played "London Bridge" as a violin solo, and did just great. Mr. Peter said he couldn’t believe that she is such a natural; he says it takes on average 4 years of playing to really get going. He said as she played he couldn’t believe she was aready adjusting tone and pitch as she played as this is something that violinists usually figure out after many years of playing!! Morgan was very encouraged to keep practicing, practicing, practicing!!   Again, I didn’t get individual photos since I recorded it.

Last but not least the choir sang two songs. Mr. Peter instilled so much besides just music in the kids. He told them often that "music is best when done for the Lord" and "it must say something to whom it is being sung. It must have a message, and you must tell it".

I did get some great pics of the choir, but of course it has the whole group, so I won’t post it.

God Bless Mr. Peter!! We are praying that gas prices won’t be prohibitive in our participation next year, as when we moved we are now an hour and a half drive away.  Hope we see you next year!!!


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