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Well, we drove 5 hours to Texas A&M yesterday so I could take my vet licensing test, then ate lunch and drove 5 hours home. I have been a bit nervous about the test for many reasons.  I have tried to make the time to "plug in my brain" and comprehend the pages and pages of information, but that is very hard with my current "job" and situation. I have found one must be much more alert and overseeing when you are living with others (and other’s stuff) with a toddler.  So I have enlisted the help of the two older ones, and it has definitely been a test of everyone’s patience and temperance. For that reason I’m glad it’s over!  I didn’t feel ready for the exam, but turns out I did know most of it. Some of it was just knowing from experience of having practiced, but each state is a bit different, and much of it is something you would just look up if you were ever in the situation  as far as time limits and days, numbers, values, etc.

The other thing I was so torn about was that my husband who was suppose to take the day off to keep the kids ended up having his National Guard duty scheduled during that time which he found out AFTER I had put all the work and money into the application and renewing process. So I was thinking and praying a lot about being a professional who has CHOSEN to stay at home, yet needing to maintain my professional license as well as some way to continue paying back my loan.  I have such a heart to stay home, and just can’t imagine throwing my precious children to the wolves.

God has provided a very special, awesome person through all of these challenging times. My sister-in-law whom we are currently living with has been such a blessing to myself and the kids. She is soooo patient and kind. She volunteered to take a day off of work, and go with us to hang out with the kids while I was taking the exam.  It was a long trip in the car just to turn around and drive home and we had to leave at 4:30 a.m.  I feel the Lord really blessed our day:  we feasted our eyes upon the beautiful green pastures full of flowers the whole way home and just kept saying over and over, "Wow! Look at that!! Looks like a postcard!  Feast your eyes on that!"  We both wished we had brought a camera as the pastures full of beautiful trees, ponds and cows with their calves were also full of trillions of wildflowers. The ditches along the side of the road were also strewn with many colors of flowers which looked like the Lord had just taken a paint brush and dripped globs of bright yellow, orange, purple, blue and pink paint everywhere!! They have had much more rain in North TX  than we have down here, and we noticed the bright green turning to lighter green then yellow, then brown the closer we got to home. 😦   We all definitely appreciated the artwork of God.

I am awaiting results of my test, but feel pretty positive about it. If I don’t get a qualifying score, then I know it’s all good. God is in control.




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