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Yeah for Spring!

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I LOVE Spring!!

Probably mostly because I love blooming things, new baby flowers, but especially new baby animals.


So we got the girls the new little chicks, which are rapidly growing into chickens. They have long since moved from the kennel to the outside kennel that was originally built for the guineas last year (who are now a flock of 8 roaming the neighborhood expressing themselves very LOUDLY, lol).

Last week when Daniel came home from the feedstore with hay for Blazen Grace I could see him over in her pasture with something in addition to the hay. When I walked over, there were two precious, fuzzy, itty-bitty baby goslings swimming and playing in Grace’s water tub!!!

Well, Taylor my animal whisperer, just couldn’t bare to leave them alone in the kennel all night, so for a few nights she slept on the floor in the room with the goslings in the kennel. Then early one morning Daniel went in to check on her and found a tragedy unfolding as he found the kennel door open and only one gosling huddled in the corner. He knew when he rolled her over what he would find.

Taylor awoke to Daddy doing CPR, knowing it wouldn’t revive it, but as a medic he did what came natural. I understand this all too well as a vet, and I also understand all too well the consoling of a grieving heart when a pet is lost.   But when it’s your own child considering the circumstances, we had a very tragic couple of days.

So once the sun came out to help us, we made a trip to the feed store, understanding that Splash couldn’t be replaced, but that BumbleBee would be happier if we found her a new friend.

There we found three goslings, but none were the spotted, mottled ones like the others, only yellow fuzzies and a bit larger. So we picked one out, and then they noticed in the cage under them a whole cage full of dyed Easter ducklings!! They had already spotted the loads of dyed Easter chicks in the top cage, but knew that we really didn’t need any more chicks. But those ducklings were just so adorable!! (Of course I know the many animal rights opinions on dyed pets, but I refuse to comment on this issue.)

We had a pet duck "Pete"  growing up, and so loved him. He was so funny and had a killer personality. So of course the girls picked two, one green one and one orange. The goslings (Panzer and BumbleBee)and ducklings (AFLAC and Dragonfly)  have been such a joy to watch, and I must say the chicks and goslings and ducks have been one of the best homeschool projects we’ve undertaken ever!!

Happy Easter, Happy New Beginnings, And Happy New Baby Season!! 


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