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Levi and the baby chicks


    We couldn’t resist the baby chicks at the feed store. We’re not even close to moving onto our property yet, but where we are staying we do have room to care for them. There are two free range game cocks that roam the area, along with several other flocks of wandering chickens, so that is what prompted us to get the chicks; although now we have decided to coop them and collect the eggs since the girls have become quite attached to all 6 of them, giving them names and handling them a lot.

The chicks are Peeper, Scramble, Lacey, Omelet, Buttercup and Bluebonnet. They are "Ideal 236" pullets which were bred locally from Leghorn, Auracana, and Californian chickens to produce bigger and more eggs and more meat. We won’t of course ever know about the meat part .

So this has been quite the learning experience for the girls. I have let them COMPLETELY care for them cleaning, watering and feeding. They are pretty good with the animal chores I have given before, but have never accomplished total responsibility for the other pets which consist of 2 dogs, a cat and the horse.

So as Levi has watched and tried so hard to follow the rules so he could participate in caring for them, holding and petting and playing with them, he just hadn’t been able to be gentle enough not to squeeze them or drop them. The girls have been very patient in helping him play with them, but doesn’t take long for him to end up squeezing a bit too hard.

Well, a couple of days ago, he was sitting in the floor trying it again, and ended up getting so frustrated that he took off running out of the room with one to go play with it. We got it back and he was groaning and moaning, and then just sat down and watched them, contemplating the whole situation. Then, just like that, he got up and ran from the room as if he was on a mission. We looked, but he hadn’t chicknapped a baby, so we waited, and here he came back with, of all things, a small plastic cup. He held out the cup asking Taylor to put a baby chick in the cup. Well, we all about fell out with amazement that he had reasoned that he might not have to worry about squeezing too hard if it were protected by the cup!!!! So Taylor fixed him up with a chick in the cup, which the chick seemed not to mind at all. Morgan said, "Hey, not only will he be able to play with it like that, but when it poos, (which seems to happen quite too often!), it won’t get everywhere!!"

So, off he went happy as can be with his chick. The chick especially enjoyed the big wheel ride!! LOL


2 thoughts on “Levi and the baby chicks

  1. How cute! Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you as you wait for your new home.


  2. Another experience for the collection in your heart.
    They will always be there. That is why God gives you this joyful experience, the one you wanted most.
    Love, MOM

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