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Morgan’s 11th Birthday


Well, I hate to use the old cliche that my baby is growing up. But what else can I say?

Yesterday was Morgan’s 11th birthday. Yep, 2 days after Christmas.  Every year I begin my memories on Christmas morning when I first went into labor with her. My desire was to experience all that God had brought me with this new baby including clinging to Him through my labor. Eleven years later I still remember each step of the way to the birth of my beautiful firstborn baby girl. All 61 hours of it!

Since Daddy had to work, the kids and I had a day on the town; exchanging a few gifts for bigger sizes and looking at our favorite stores for after- Christmas sales. (Tractor Supply, LOL)

We ended up at Half Price books where we usually spend a couple of hours including lounging in the coffee shop, having mocha and italian sodas, looking through some of the books we have chosen.

Morgan has wanted a book called "The Daring Book for Girls"

, and I have been shopping around for the best price, and as I did I came across a similar book  written in the 1800’s by some of the original founders of the Girl Scouts (Lina Beard and Adelia Belle Beard) called "The Original Girls Handy Book."  They had a brand new version hard bound book and she loved it so we ended up with that one.  We decided to get the "Dangerous Book for Boys" for Eric who is their second-cousin since we are going to see him this weekend, for his Christmas/ birthday present. Eric and Morgan have been very close friends since he was born only 22 days before her.

The girls spent the evening perusing this wonderful book before we wrapped it up this morning:

We will definitely be ordering those two other books along with a hilarious spoof on the Danergous Book for Boys I ran across as I was looking on Amazon, called the Dangerous Book for Dogs. This looks hilarious:


So, back to Morgan’s birthday. She chose for us to make homeade pizza for dinner, and then since she absolutely LOVES cherries and Aunt Sara just so happened to have like a gallon jar of marachino cherries in the fridge, we made a wonderful cherry cake which turned out really yummy. Levi was so excited about blowing out the candles, that they were lit several times and blown out!



My beautiful young lady:



5 thoughts on “Morgan’s 11th Birthday

  1. Oh my goodness!!! My favorite girl in the whole world has turned 11 already!!!!!! I can soooo remember walking in an looking at ur beautiful little bald headed baby girl and being in Heaven getting to enjoy her. She is such a charm and a true jewel in my life..I miss u all and I'm so glad to see how happy she is and how awesome all the new adventures look that are going on in ur lives. I stopped and looked at my wooden Gunn box that holds all my fav letters, drawings, and pics from the kids on morgan's birthday and said a special prayer for her too. Her future looks so bright and I know she will go so far in her life! But for now, u all enjoy ur new horse and the beach and dont grow up too love u all!!!

  2. I found your blog by chance and have enjoyed looking through it. I pray you had a wonderful Christmas! It was nice visiting you.

    Blessings, Melissa

  3. You always make the best cakes. What a great job you did! Happy Birthday, Morgan Bear! All day Bekah kept saying "Today is Morgan's birthday" but the bad relatives we are, we never called <hanging head in shame> 🙂 We love y'all!!!!

  4. I can't believe that much time has passed already! Happy Birthday, Morgan!
    G – I have to say she is looking more and more like you all the time. She is so gorgeous!
    Hope all is well and I look forward to seeing you all the next time your in Tennessee.

  5. It was wonderful to see the sweet pictures of our lovely precious girl. It helps us feel like we are there with you. It's time to come back, for me already! I keep looking at the pictures we took. It's time for more! Love you all lots.

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