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Geography and Veteran’s Day

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I’ve looked at and actually have many geography books on my shelf, but I’m all fired up about this geography program that Knowledge Quest is publishing. The hard copies won’t be out until spring 2008, but they have downloads of the complete books available with special giveaways even!!!

In the midst of moving and relocating, we don’t have room for too many new books, and most of the stuff I do have is packed away, so that gives me a good excuse to go ahead and get started with this geography program. My only problem is which to start with??  Explore His Earth, or Explore the Holy Land? OOOOOO I just can’t wait to get started!!


  Today is Veteran’s Day which has a special meaning to our family. My husband Daddybear  is a veteran and we are a veteran family. Having birthed my son in an Army hospital while his Daddy fought for our country in Iraq, and then having to tell my husband just two months later that his own Daddy died before he got home to tell him goodbye qualifies our family as veteran’s as well I believe. I am thankful for the opportunity to have experienced the Army family life, and for  my husband’s fierce patriotism as well as dedication to our great country. There are still a few good men out there who do believe in our country and it’s founding father’s views. My our God bring about more such great men and restore our country to it’s original roots!!

God Bless America.


One thought on “Geography and Veteran’s Day

  1. Thank you to you and your husband for your service. I hope you had a wonderful Veteran's Day.


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