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Wow, November already!   I just love fall when it starts to cool off in the mornings and evenings, but this year we are still going to the beach on friday afternoons with our homeschool group!  We are still loving the beach, and exploring our new world here. We have enjoyed and not- so-much  enjoyed much wildlife around here. So far at Aunt Sara’s we have experienced snakes, ants (in the girls room) mice, skunks spraying the dogs leading to catching racoons, cats and opposums in our live traps- lots and lots of frogs, tree frogs, toads, etc., horses, donkeys, Texas longhorns with reaalllyyy long horns!  And then the wonderful guinea fowl we bought and set up at Uncle John’s house. The girls have enjoyed hands-on time with them.

One evening when we went out on a fishing excursion we met a couple of raccoons who ended up climbing in the Xterra!  Daniel has seen them back as he’s been fishing many evenings in the same spot and they even brought their babies to show him!! 

We’ve been looking for some land to build on, and have enjoyed driving around the countryside all the way from Alice to the beach at Rockport. We actually went and looked at a little strawberry roan 6 month old filly for sale since we all have horse fever now. I feel like a kid again and have made so many new realizations about life these days. I think praying for a pony from my young childhood just became a "habit" prayer on into my adult days. My desire to be a horse owner took me all the way through veterinary school, which was no easy task, but still no horse.  I know God answers every prayer, and sometimes He says no, sometimes He says yes, later. Sometimes He doesn’t say anything for a long time, and sometimes we need to re-evaluate our prayer altogether. God desires us to have things we both want and need. But we must not get in the habit of asking for things for the wrong reasons. And, sometimes our desires and prayers become "stale" and thoughtless memorized poetry.  I have been thinking that until now, all this time I have been praying for something that I never really thought would happen. Not that God drops horsies in our laps when we pray. But He does know our needs as well as our wants, and He does provide us things that enrich our lives and that of our children. Sometimes getting older seems like such a drag, and then I begin to think of all the things that I have "realized" in my life, and the ways I’ve grown closer and closer to my saviour. Though it’s still not "easy" to walk the steps of faith where I desire to be, it’s much easier once you drink of that sweet water to never want to go back to tap water.  I do love the part of getting older where life is not a constant mystery of figuring everything out, and sometimes I can do a little happy dance before the Lord because I actually "get it." Sometimes. 

So, wow, I sure took a detour there.  Back to homeschooling…we are really enjoying  "Beautiful Girlhood," as revised by Karen Andreola. I got this book to start later with Morgan as she is turning 11 years old, and I wanted to go through it myself first to determine what and when appropriate time would be.I had seen a study guide that goes with it, but after flipping through the book  I decided we would go ahead and start with the book, reading it together, and after the first couple of chapters decided it actually is a very good devotional for both girls. We love that it was originally written in the early 1900’s, but revised a bit for today’s language and smoothness of reading. We have really enjoyed talking about the lessons and expanding on it.  I wish I had a camera to take pictures to add to show the "truth blankets" we colored when we went through the chapter called "The Beauty of Truthfullness." As we were talking about the book, the idea to color a "truth blanket" just came. For every truthful colored fiber in the blanket, a black thread of untruth stood out like a sore thumb. They could see just how many strong threads of truth it took to cover just one thread of untruth. We spent the WHOLE day on this chapter talking and elaborating and continued to say over and over one of the finest points of the chapter: that truth should be kept as our chief possession.  This book has been so easy to elaborate on, and I have found myself stressing many many points that I have heard myself saying before to them- and them realizing that lots of the things they hear mom saying are written down somewhere- wow, she didn’t just make them up??? Not to mention a book that was around when Grandma Great was a girl!! But our main devotional has been around much longer than that!!! 

So with that, God Bless y’all til next time!!


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