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Life on the Beach

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So we got moved in with my gracious sister-in-law with most of our belongings in storage. We started back with full school days last week and so far all is going well!  It’s a big adjustment to live with sand all over the floors constantly being from Kansas and all!!  We are living right on the gulf of Mexico in South Texas.  We have plenty of room and access to lots of great things to do here.

Yesterday we went over to Port Aransas via ferry which we have done several times in the past, but it’s always fun.  We attended our first girl scout meeting last evening which I think will be a great opportunity for the girls. We have just decided to let Taylor go ahead and join the Junior troop with Morgan since there are lack of leaders in this community, and the Junior leader has been here for years and seems to know the ropes here.

Levi has decided that he wants to go "pee pee" like the big people, so is determined to go to the toilet all day long. I got some pullups to make the situation easier, as taking the diaper on and off all day becomes quite time consuming when he wants to take it off in the next 5 minutes!!  He has only gone a few times so far, but the pullups seem to help make it easier to manage.  We’ll see how this goes- I’m not expecting too much at this time since he is only 18 months!!  I look forward to him doing more with coloring and preschool activity packs in the next few months. I will utilize some ideas from the Preschool in a Bag program for him soon. We are still working in "Slow and Steady Get Me Ready" which has had some fun ideas to do with him and keep him occupied, although most so far are not anything he can do independently so I can work with the girls. This season will be a bit more challenging in that reguard, but since he has grown up with homeschooling sisters, he is used to it.

Back to schoolwork, I’m looking forward to being organized next week enough to have some school on the beach days. We have grown accustomed to our schoolroom being the park or duck pond or whatever our wonderful outside surroundings are, and so we are looking forward to trying out the beach.

God has shown us some new and wonderful things through our time of not having a clue where He was going with all of this!! God is good!


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