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Sea World Birthday


Ok, well I guess it was the AOL browser that caused the problem with not being able to make a new entry. Now I just have to figure out the rest of it and will be good to go.

Taylor turned 7 on Saturday, so we met my wonderful sis-in-law (Aunt Sara) from Corpus and her fun husband (Uncle Rick) at Sea World. It was a wonderful day! Can’t wait to figure out how to get the birthday ticker on my blog!!  I guess we don’t have anymore birthdays until December now, though.

Can’t wait to visit Tennessee. We will leave friday and stay for a few weeks or until my good friend’s baby is born. I am sooooooo excited to see Christy and spend some time with her as well as my other friend Casey who has promised to help the girls with their horse badge.

I guess I’ll get busy today getting stuff sorted and ready to take back to Grandma’s as we always take stuff for the children’s consignment sale which will happen again while we are there. It’s a great way to pass along some too-expensive-to-buy-new stuff and sometimes find some things for ourselves. Babies grow out of clothes and toys so fast at first, so I am truly thankful to have this great resource!

I am going to attempt to share some pictures in a bit, so cross your fingers!!

Until then….keep the faith


3 thoughts on “Sea World Birthday

  1. Are you really coming in? I can't wait to see ya'll.

  2. Hey dudette…how r things?? I've been so busy that I've kinda let you fall through the cracks…I just checked my jujismom email & had to delete hundreds of unread emails!! arrggghhh!!!
    The kids are getting too big!!! Even Levi no longer looks like a cabbage patch doll đŸ˜¦
    I'll try to send you some pics of the girls & of our new fur-baby…"Migoto Yukiko" which means "Beautiful or Spectacular Snow Child or Child of Snow"…she's a 7mo old 'kita…
    Well, gotta run…
    lv u all & miss u soooo much!!

  3. I had such a beautiful day with the family… I don't know how to tell Ricky… but I think I am in love with 'Uncle Max.' Maybe he will let me visity him again… I 'otter' think it would be allright….. I love you guys…

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